If you are interested in selling your vehicle please consider Car Canada as a no-hassle destination for getting the best price for your vehicle. We are interested in ALL Makes & Models and will make the process friendly and efficient.


  • We’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy ours.
  • Sell today and leave with payment in hand.
  • No pressure and no obligation!
  • Get an immediate appraisal estimate on-line or contact us directly

If you come by and are interested in selling your vehicle you will need to bring the following:

  • Your vehicle ownership
  • Valid photo ID for all titleholders
  • All keys and remotes

We’re here to help answer your questions and share some tips on selling your vehicle with confidence.

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See the top 5 questions  customers ask me when having their vehicle appraised.

If you have any additional questions feel free to send me your questions, or better yet, feel free to come down where we can put your vehicle love on an internet auction to provide a real-time accurate value!

What is my car worth?

  • There are quite a few online resources that can provide you with some general guidance to help you estimate how much your vehicle is worth. Click here to access our immediate on-line appraisal tool.
  • If you bring your vehicle to Car Canada our trained appraisers will take into account the following items when evaluating your vehicle:
    • Accident History
    • Condition
    • Mileage

Major defects will definitely impact on the vehicle price but minor imperfections will have little effect on the appraisal offer.

Can I get more money if I sell it myself?

  • There are definitely some benefits of selling the vehicle yourself. Putting it on sites such as Kijiji may get you incrementally more money but for many people, the amount of time involved and the uncertainties of dealing with strangers is not simple and may not be worth the hassle.
  • We’ve had many customers come to Car Canada for an appraisal as their starting benchmark. Our appraisal offers are good for seven days because it gives you an opportunity to shop around and compare. This is okay as we want you to feel confident knowing our process is completely transparent.

Can I do anything to increase the value of my car?

  • Presenting a “clean car” provides a very good first impression and can definitely impact on your price. Getting a detail clean inside and out may help in that effort. Another key factor is your vehicle’s mileage. Keeping low kilometers on a vehicle is a sure way to minimize the depreciation over time.
  • After market upgrade packages such as auto start or a Bluetooth connection may also be beneficial when it is time to sell.

I just got new Tires. Will that affect my appraisal offer?

  • It depends on the type of vehicle such as a high end luxury car where the components are expensive to replace. This can be a plus in the evaluation but for the average vehicle, it may not have a significant impact on the appraisal. It is best to ask your Car Canada appraiser and they can provide a detailed explanation of the factors that will influence the offer.

Can I negotiate my appraisal offer if I trade my car in?

  • At Car Canada our appraisal offer is the same whether you buy from us or not. This is peace of mind whether you are interested in trading your vehicle in with us, or whether you simply want to sell your vehicle.