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3 Ways To Lift A Sedan or Compact Car

3 Ways To Lift A Sedan or Compact Car

If you enjoy long-distance drives, especially on uneven terrains, then craving higher ground clearance would have crossed your mind. Better ground clearance gives your car a more rugged appeal and helps protect your car's underbody even when you travel on rough surfaces. In addition, vehicles with higher ground clearance are more adept at shock absorption and less likely to break down during off-road excursions. Here are three ways to lift a car.


Install a Lift Kit

Investing in a suspension lift kit is an easy way to lift a car by about 2-3 inches. These kits give your vehicle a height boost and allow you to fit in larger tires, enabling you to increase car ground clearance effectively.


Install Coil Spring Spacers or Higher Suspension

Another way to boost your ground clearance is by installing coil spring spacers. These spacers have more than one function. While they give you extra height, that’s not the only reason for adding them. Coil spring spacers have a rubber piece between the coils allowing the vehicle to bounce by providing extra support to the suspension. These spacers add about 10-15 mm extra height to the car.


Use Larger Tires


This might seem like the simplest solution, but it requires much work. To begin with, if you want to fit larger tires on the car, you would need modifications to accommodate the tires. Even with the change, your vehicle can only go a maximum of two sizes higher because every car body is designed to handle a specific size. Anything larger will interfere with the bumper and become unsafe to travel in.


Extra Customization For Off-Roader Look



A winch is one of your car's most effective off-roading customizations if you love off-roading. In addition, the winch can come in handy if you’re stuck in a situation and need an extra pull.


Light Bar


Off-road trails often tend to get dark after sunset, and your portable flashlight isn’t going to cut it. A good light bar will give you that extra lighting you miss and keep you safe.


Roof Rack


A roof rack can be a great addition if you take long road trips and are often short on space to accommodate your camping gear or even your bicycle. It will help you pack extra cargo without compromising on internal space.


Bull Bar


A bull bar is a tool that will help push obstacles out of the way when traveling through dense forests or muddy paths where you aren’t sure what’s coming up that could damage the front end of your car.




There are limitless possibilities for customizing your vehicle to make it more suited to your lifestyle. You can also consider a trade-in where you switch to a 4x4 more adept at traveling these roads. If you’ve been wondering how to lift a car, you can modify it using the tips above, making it better suited for off-road travel.

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