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Top Benefits of Driving an Electric or Hybrid Used Car

Top Benefits of Driving an Electric or Hybrid Used Car

Hybrid and electric cars have been gaining popularity over recent years. And this trend appears to be gaining momentum. Electric car batteries need to be plugged in for recharging, while hybrid vehicles can recharge during an internal braking mechanism. But what are the benefits of electric cars and hybrids? We took a deep dive into the world of electric and hybrid cars to discover the top benefits of hybrid cars and electric vehicles.


Fuel Savings

Hybrid cars are designed to boost fuel economy with advanced technologies such as regenerative braking. The hybrid vehicle is more economical than the traditional petrol car. Fuel consumption is less, resulting in diminished emissions and saving gas money in the long run.


What are the pros of hybrid cars? The hybrid car’s battery can be recharged via the combustion engine or regenerative braking. It’s the best choice in stop-start traffic. For short driving routes, the hybrid car’s engine isn’t usually needed, as the vehicle begins its journey in electric mode. Longer trips will use the engine.


Less Tax

To help diminish greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments offer incentives for owners of electric or hybrid vehicles. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars offer a minimum electric range of 50km and are eligible for $5,000. $2,500 is given to owners of plug-in hybrid vehicles with an electric range below 50km.

These incentives help to make electric and hybrid options more cost-effective for customers. Buyers will enjoy lower purchasing prices and cheaper overall operating costs.


Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly, with hybrid cars in second place. Driving a gas-powered vehicle is the least effective in reducing greenhouse gases. The additional benefits of EV cars include a quieter ride, helping to reduce noise pollution. Tailpipe emissions are non-existent when functioning in electric mode, and you’re also helping to cultivate cleaner air. The environmental advantages of driving a hybrid vehicle depend on the model and hybrid technology. Dive deeper into our ev myth-busting guide to see if electric is right for you!


Better Towing

The hybrid car will be your best option if you’re looking for a vehicle with towing capabilities. Although the maximum towing amount for gas-powered and diesel cars is more in comparison to the hybrid option, not all electric cars even offer towing capabilities. When comparing electric and hybrid towing capacities, the hybrid is significantly more.


Low Maintenance

You’ll save money with maintenance costs if you choose a hybrid or electric vehicle, although the battery and general maintenance costs differ greatly. The hybrid battery has a long lifespan and is more cost-effective. The maintenance costs are also cheaper. Electric cars usually don’t need as much maintenance compared to hybrids. The battery cost tends to be more expensive.


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