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Best Ways to Stay Cool in Your Used Car in Summers

Best Ways to Stay Cool in Your Used Car in Summers

Nowadays, almost all vehicles have air conditioning, so travelling has become much more manageable. However, there’s no denying that you face slight discomfort when stepping in your used car in summer. In addition, as your car grows older, the air conditioning may not be as efficient as when you first purchased it, but fret not; we’re here to give you some handy summer car cooling tips to keep your used car cool this summer.


1 - Always Park Under Shade

Always park under shade

This one’s a no-brainer. If you park your car under the sun, it will heat up. When you step into your vehicle, it will feel like a furnace, and your air conditioning will have to work much harder to cool the interiors. 


2 - Use Sunshades/Window Covers

Window Covers

Another way to keep the heat out of your car while parked and in transit is with the help of sunshades and window covers. When parking your vehicle, consider keeping the sun out using rear and front window covers so your car is protected all around. 


3 - Keep The Exhaust Open

Most cars have multi-zone air conditioning, which helps circulate cool air faster. Even if you’re travelling solo, ensure all AC exhausts/vents are open for the car to cool more quickly. In addition, you should remember to clean the air filter regularly. This will help cool air enter the vehicle at a faster pace and will also help improve the cooling.


4 - Use Small Solar Ventilation Fans

These days you get small solar fans that you can install in your car. These fans are convenient when multiple people travel together, and the increased body heat makes it difficult for the air conditioning to do its job. This also comes in handy if your car is old and the AC cooling has reduced considerably.


It’s important to remember that when you’re using these fans, you must keep your AC on even if it doesn’t provide efficient cooling. This is because the air outside is hot during summer, and the fan will circulate hot air inside the car. 


5 - Seat Cooling Cushions

Seat Cooling Cushions

While some modern cars have cooled seats, some used vehicles may not have this feature, but that’s fine. You can purchase seat cooling cushions that you can place behind your back and even on the seat to help cool you down when travelling. Investing in these cushions is a great idea if you live where the temperature tends to soar and you need to travel a lot.


6 - Open All Doors Before Driving

Your car is a confined space, and when it’s parked, heat tends to enter it. When you open all your doors, you let the heat escape, lowering the car's temperature. This makes it comfortable to sit in the car before starting it and not suffer till your car starts to cool.




These simple tips can help cool your car during summer and ensure you drive comfortably. You can also use these tips when heading out on a family road trip. 

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