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Most Commonly Replaced Parts In Used Car!

Most Commonly Replaced Parts In Used Car!

Maintaining Your Used Car: Parts That Are Most Likely to Require Replacement


Whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, something all cars have in common is the necessity to replace car parts. Whether due to malfunction or regular maintenance, vehicles have a complex mechanical system that needs maintenance, repair, and replacement. 


Car components deteriorate over time due to weather conditions, especially during Canada’s harsh winters. Tear and wear are other reasons for the commonly replaced parts in vehicles in humid areas.


Frequently Replaced Car Parts


It’s essential to know the car parts changing frequently so you can inspect these components. In contrast, if you’re buying a new one, you must include these parts in the routine checks.


Engine Filter

The engine filter keeps the dust away, allowing the car to run many miles efficiently. However, it accumulates dust and needs frequent changing because it’s made of paper.


Therefore, it’s one of the most commonly replaced parts in cars and is generally changed once a year.

Many factors affect how regularly you need to change the filter, like how dusty is the area you live in, road conditions, and the driving mileage.


Pollen Filters


Similar to the engine filter, the pollen filters keep the cabin clean from dust and pollen. The pollution in your area, how frequently you drive the car, and the road types can cause the cabin filters to clog.


When the pollen filters are dusty, the climate control systems don’t work as efficiently, and you’ll need to replace them.



The battery is one component that powers everything in your automobile, and it’s usually changed every three to five years. However, it can drastically deteriorate if you forget your headlights all night.


You can jump-start your car if the battery fails to turn on. However, to avoid being stranded in the cold, you must replace your battery as soon as it starts failing. 


Brake Pads

Brakes are commonly replaced parts in vehicles because they’re always in motion. 


Usually, it takes three to five years before you need to replace them. However, if you ride a heavy vehicle, live in a crowded area, or hear squeaking sounds every time you brake, then you need to replace the wheels.


Engine Oil

Replacing the engine oil is a regular service every vehicle needs to keep the engine lubricated and functioning. How often you change the oil depends on the car model and make. 


Generally, automobiles need an oil change every three to six months. However, service centers leave a sticker on your vehicle, including the date they changed the oil and when the next change is.


Spark Plugs


The spark plugs fire up the engine, converting the fuel to mechanical energy. Dirt can pile up on these plugs, preventing them from working efficiently or leading to bad fuel economy. 


Most cars need spark plug replacement every eight years. However, if your vehicle faces trouble starting, you need to consider checking the spark plugs.




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