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What Documents Are Required to Sell a Used Car?

What Documents Are Required to Sell a Used Car?

Essential Documents Required for Selling a Used Car


If you’re looking to upgrade your car, then you’re definitely looking to get the best value from the trade. Therefore, you might have started fixing small defaults, detailing, cleaning and polishing to take the best-quality pictures. 


However, you must also know what documents are required to sell a car to prepare your listing. These documents smoothen the sale process and help add value to your used auto.


Documents Necessary to Sell a Used Car

Used Car

Used car documents may vary between provinces and states. However, they serve the same purpose: to protect your and the buyer’s rights and keep everything on record.


Therefore, after fixing your vehicle and writing the best description on the listing, make sure you tick every item on the following used car document checklist.


Car Title

Car Title

One of the most important used car documents is the car title, which entails legal proof of owning the car. Selling a vehicle without a car title is illegal, and it can get you in trouble, especially if you’re privately selling to avoid this document.


If you’ve lost the title document, you must check the provincial service center in your area to get a new car title. Getting a new title can be troublesome, but it is definitely worth it to increase the value of your vehicle.


Bill of Sale


Some states require the bill of sale to process your transaction. This document entails all transaction information of your vehicle, including the purchase price and date of transaction.


It might seem similar to the vehicle’s title. However, it indicates when you purchased the automobile and that you’re the current owner.


Your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) may have different formats. However, the bill of sale must always indicate the following information:


  • Vehicle identification number
  • The vehicle’s make, model, colour, year, and fuel type)
  • The purchase price, including any tax applicable, such as HST or GST.
  • The current owner’s information, such as name, address, and signature of the current owner or the lessor.
  • The buyer’s name and address.
  • The transaction date.


Safety Standards Certificate


Some states require a safety standard certificate in your used car documents, proving that your automobile meets the minimum safety criteria. Depending on your provincial law, you may be asked to present this proof before putting any license plate on your vehicle.


You can obtain this paperwork after passing a vehicle inspection at any registered inspection center in your area.


Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP)

Vehicle Information

In some provinces, the UVIP document is legally required to sell your used automobile. It’s a package of information that the seller can purchase and provide to the buyer.


This document may look similar to the bill of sale. However, some states consider the bill of sale part of the UVIP. A typical UVIP includes the vehicle details, registration history, lien information,  average wholesale value, and bill of sale.


Final thoughts

Final thoughts

The next time you plan to sell your pre-owned auto, make sure you prepare the above-mentioned used car document checklist. Besides fixing defaults and polishing your automobile, this paperwork can increase your vehicle’s value. To sell your vehicle in ottawa get free estimate your you car with us.


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