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Tips to Protect Your Used Car in Summer

Tips to Protect Your Used Car in Summer


Summers take a toll on your car, making driving tedious and uncomfortable. If you enjoy driving but dread summer heat, here are a few summer car protection tips to protect your vehicle and enjoy a comfortable ride.


Park Your Car Under Shade

It’s important to park your car under the shade during summer. This is because the heat enters your vehicle, making it quite hot when parked in the open. Unfortunately, such conditions also take a toll on your upholstery, car paint, and it starts to wear out.


Change Engine Oil and Oil Filters

Oil filters

Summer car maintenance is essential, and one of the steps for regular maintenance includes checking and changing the engine oil and oil filters when necessary. You use your air conditioning more during summers and want your engine to run smoothly in such scenarios to get efficient cooling. Regular oil and oil filter change helps ensure the oil flowing through the engine is sufficient and cleaner.


Change Expired Air Filters

Air filters

Air filters are the most ignored components in a car, but it’s one of the most important. A dirty or expired air filter will not allow fresh air to circulate in the vehicle. Also, if your air filters are clogged, your car will take longer to cool down.


Check The Braking


Summers are a good time to take your car in for maintenance, especially before a long road trip with family or friends. Brake checks should always be done during maintenance because it helps identify any minor problems before they are tumbleweed into something bigger.


Apply UV Protective Wax

UV Protective Wax

Constant exposure to direct heat can cause your car paint to fade. As a result, cars tend to lose their shine and begin to look dull. To prevent this, apply a UV protective wax layer on your vehicle and maintain its shine.


Change Expired Spark Plug

Spark plugs help with the ignition and ensure your car runs smoothly. Unfortunately, these plugs also malfunction if they’re old or expired. Changing your spark plugs as part of summer maintenance is a good idea, as it protects the engine and avoids unnecessary breakdowns.


Refill Radiator and Coolant

Radiator and Coolant

Engines heat up faster during summer, so you must check the radiator water level and refill it regularly. Since you’ll also be using your air conditioner, keep an eye on the coolant level.


Use Window Covers

To prevent heat from entering your car, invest in good-quality window covers to help keep the heat outside.


Maintain Recommended Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

During summer, the roads tend to get hot. When your tires are not properly inflated, there’s a chance of a disaster.  Regularly check your tire pressure to avoid this, especially before a long trip.


Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing your car can help cool down its temperature considerably. It also helps keep your vehicle clean and look newer for longer. So while it’s essential in summer, you should wash your car regularly. 



Vehicle maintenance is relatively easy with these car maintenance tips for summer. Proper inspection, cleaning, examining, and giving your car a little TLC is all it takes to keep running smoothly during those hot temperatures.  

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